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Thursday 17th June 2021

Lower MR Grades e-Course | PASCAL Repair System

Dr Chris Raffel

Interventional Cardiologist at The Prince Charles Hospital & St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital, Queensland, Australia

Professor Neal Uren

Prof Neal Uren

Senior Director for Professional Education & Medical Affairs at TMTT, Edwards Lifesciences

Dr Andreas Rück

Head of TAVI Program at the Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

Prof Holger Nef

Associate Director and Interventional Cardiologist at University of Gießen, Germany

Dr Rajesh Nair

Interventional Cardiologist at Waikato Hospital, Southern Cross Heart Institute and Midland Cardio Vascular Services, Waikato, New Zealand

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Saturday 27th February

TAVI Today ANZ | Inaugural THV Implanters Symposium

Dr Rohan Bhagwandeen

Dr Rohan Bhagwandeen

Interventional Cardiologist at Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, Gateshead, NSW, Australia

Prof Ravinay Bhindi

Interventional Cardiologist at North Shore Private Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dr Ronen Gurvitch

Interventional Cardiologist at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

A/Prof Ajay Sinhal

A/Prof Ajay Sinhal

Interventional Cardiologist at Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Dr David Smyth

Dr David

Interventional Cardiologist at Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand

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