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Japan, Asia & Pacific THV SAPIEN 3 Procor Connect: Treating Bicuspid TAVI in Asia Pacific Today

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Webinar ID: 818 6288 1155

Meeting Agenda


Dr. Ravinder Rao

Interventional Cardiologist, Rajasthan Hospital, India

Dr. Edgar Tay

Interventional Cardiologist, National University Heart Centre, Singapore

Dr. Wei Hsien Yin

Interventional Cardiologist, Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Taiwan

Dr. Melissa Fusari

Edwards Physician Proctor, Global Med. Affairs

Dr. Mao-Hsin Lin

Interventional Cardiologist, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan

Dr. Bo Juel Kjeldsen

Edwards China Physician Proctor, Cardiac Surgeon

Additional Resources

Please refer to a summary of PASCAL Mitral Valve Repair System: Residual MR matters

Mitral valve repair

The PASCAL platform is designed for predictable capture, positioning and release in patients with MR. The recently introduced PASCAL Ace implant expands your treatment options, allowing you to tailor the procedure to your needs. PASCAL Ace provides a narrow profile designed to improve ease of subvalvular navigation.

Central Spacer

Effectively reduces mechanical strain on the leaflets, avoiding areas of stress concentration

Clasp design

Single-row retention element orientation designed to reduce the risk of leaflet damage even with multiple recapturing

Nitinol design

Spring based passive-closing system respects native anatomy

Watch how it works

|       Mitral valve repair with PASCAL and PASCAL Ace