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Lower MR Grades e-Course

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Dr Chris Raffel (Australia), Dr Andreas Ruck (Sweden), Professor Holger Nef (Germany), and Dr Rajesh Nair (New Zealand). 


Key Topics: 

Edwards TMVr clinical outcomes sharing
- Strategy of patient screening to achieve lower MR Grades
- EU experience on Ace to achieve desired outcomes
- NZ MR repair case sharing and aspiration to MR 0-1+ 


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Unprecedented times call for a reimagination of connecting with the ANZ TAVI Community. Our Edwards TAVI Today Implanters Symposium was redesigned to offer a unique in-person experience with virtual interaction.

On Saturday 27th February 2021 we invited those from the heart team to join at our in-person hubs across a number of states along with the ability to attend virtually.


Key topics: 

- SAPIEN 3 Ultra

- Who is the TAVI patient of Today? 

- Controlling for the Future of your TAVI Patients​

- SAPIEN 3 - Delivering Outcomes in Challenging Anatomy​

- Hot Topics in Valvular Heart Disease​

Over 15 presentation recordings covering the latest in transcatheter therapies. 

Aortic Stenosis Series

New clinical guideline updates related to aortic stenosis treatment options with Dr Nay Htun

June 2021

TAVI for Low-Risk Patients, Reimbursement of Health Technologies & New Approaches to SAVR

September 2020

COVID-19 Impact in Management of Aortic Stenosis: Current Treatment Strategies

May 2020

Mitral Regurgitation Series

How should we use transcatheter mitral valve repair to treat patients with mitral regurgitation?

June 2021

Mitral Regurgitation: Red Flags, Symptoms & Treatment Options with Dr Ryan Markham

December 2020

Introducting the Edwards PASCAL Transcatheter Repair System

June 2020

Tricuspid Regurgitation Series

Embrace the future of mitral and tricuspid repair and replacement

May 2021